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NetSight: AP 3630 , not completely discovered

  • 13 March 2014
  • 1 reply

Hello, we have some AP 3630 and their status on NetSight Console is "Contact Established" but NetSight can't show the other information about version, s/n , mac-address and on Topology Map the APs appears with a "question mark" icon and without any connection to the switches.

For us is very important know the information of AP and where the AP are connected: why we can't obtain these details from NetSight Console and Topology Map?
Thanks a lot. Best Regards

1 reply

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Though a "thick mode" AP3630 (by design, not under a wireless controller) does support SNMPv3, its effectiveness is somewhat constrained by the minimal number of supported MIBs. This is what we received from a full MIB walk of a lab AP3630:
    One of each: sysDescr, sysObjectID, sysUpTime, sysContact, sysName, sysLocation, sysServices One for each of three ports: ifIndex, ifDescr, ifAdminStatus, ifOperStatus One of each: etsysPolicyProfileMaxEntries, etsysPolicyProfileNumEntries, etsysPolicyProfileLastChange, etsysPolicyProfileTableNextAvailableIndex, etsysPolicyProfileName, etsysPolicyProfileRowStatus, etsysPolicyProfilePortVidStatus, etsysPolicyProfilePortVid, etsysPolicyProfileRulePrecedence
The values that you are seeking are not apparently available to SNMP.