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I would like to use netsight as a permenantly displayed graphoc on a wall screen and have already set up maps I want displayed. My problem is that after a while of being logged in, netsight automatically expires the session and goes back to a login screen. I cannot seem to find a setting to change this timer anywhwere. Does anyone have experience in setting this kind of thing up?

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Administration -> options -> Web Serwer -> http session timeout. Max setting 350 days if im right.
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Check out this article:

Max looks to be 10080 minutes which is 168 days

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I'm more interested in what you will display on the wall! I've often thought about posting a dashboard up on a big wall TV. Care to share?
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Just wanted to update that the default value is 20 mints and it can be extended in only min(s) upto 10080.

7 days the maximum which we can select from drop down. if you select more than 7 days then you will get a warning message stating "maximum value for this field is 7 "

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We also have a customer who was interested in putting some reports up on a big screen. I didn't think any of the dashboard reports auto refreshed though.

If they can auto refresh I would like to know how.

If they can't auto refresh I think that would be a great feature to add.
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Just try to use browser add ons like

It's working fine for us.
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Thanks for all your responses. The broswer add on for page refresh is a cool idea. For those of you asking about what I am going to display I have drawn maps of various sections on the network and will be leaving the map display on one of those to monitor down devices and links. With the refresh add on a dashboard page configured for number of down links and devices will also be handy. Thanks for all the help 🙂