Netsight Backup of Extreme switches and .pol files

  • 4 February 2015
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We are running Netsight and have automated backups of our extreme switches run 1x / week. Previously we ran Ridgeline 3.1. With Ridgeline backups the xsf file and any .pol files were part of the backup output. With Netsight we get .cfg files but no .pol from what I can tell. From what i believe i understand from online the .cfg would be used in the same fashion as .xsf. That both .cfg / .xsf are config files so it sounds like either can be used for a system restore, is that right? Also how can we backup the .pol files from our devices using Netsight?

Thank you

1 reply

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The Netsight backup actually backs the file up to a .CFG but it is actually really a compressed zip file. If you download the file as a .CFG and then rename it a .ZIP you will see all of the files from the switch's flash drive. The script also does one better and executes a "save config as-scrip" with the resulting file having a .XSF of your script. I am working on getting engineering to just save it as a .zip file to stop the confusion.