Netsight bring alarms to green automatically

Hello , first of all thank you for your time , i am very new to netsight and i am still leraning , i have searched everywhere but unfourtunatly couldnt find a clear answer to my problem , i have presently around 200 switched been controled by netsight , and has it supposed eveytime it loses conection with a switch the red alarm comes on , and stays on even after it regains the contact with the switch , is there a way that after the conection is establish again with the switch that the alarm disapears and it becomes green again automatically ?

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Is the Device Up alarm enabled? To check (in NetSIght OneView or the browser based version), go to Alarms and Events, Alarm Configuration, and make sure there is a check next to Device Up.

If there is, the next thing to check is if the Device Down has Device Up as the clear condition. To check this, double click on Device Down, go to Other Options tab, and verified Cleared by Alarms is enabled and Device Up is selected in dropdown.

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Here a screenshot....

Amazing help thank you so mutch !