Netsight: Configuration upload/download is not supported on this device

I recently purchased Netsight and installed. We are currently running version I thought I was able to setup backups of the configs and policies on each device. When I am in the console and got to "TFTP > Configuration Upload/Download" I get an error message indicating that "Configuration Upload/Download is not supported on this device". I have a mix of X440 and X460 devices in our environment. Does anyone know if there is a way to backup configurations and restore them automatically? I would like to schedule for once a week. I also want to test backing one up and then restoring so I know how to do this when it hits the fan. 🙂

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Could be done with Netsight Inventory Manager....
Bingo! I was able to accomplish this through Inventory Manager and the Archive function. Once I updated the CLI credentials, I was able to successfully archive. Thanks for this direction!