NetSight Console: Text Size

  • 5 February 2015
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Software Version: NetSight Console

Can the text size on the console be changed? If so, how?

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Use the comands below.

SW-(su)->set width ?
Width of the screen (50..150)

SW-CASCAT-B105(su)->set width 70

It will show 70 lines instead of the the whole config at once. If you really want to costumier text size color and length use teraterm pro.
Not the Linux command console text size. I was referring to the NetSight Application Console text size.

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looking for the same option... in times with ultrabooks and tablets using very high screen resolutions the font of the java apps is way too small. Any ideas on how to change this?
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Same effort - no change in legacy java tools!

Switch over to OneView !