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Netsight having issue while discovering windows servers

we have a Netsight in demo, have discovered all the devices in the network including printers but when it comes to windows server like win2007 and win2012 netsight is unable to discover them. they are all configured for SNMP and can be easily discovered with any other NMS in the market, but not with Netsight.. please advice if there is any configuration on netsight end

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Have you configured a SNMP profile with the settings that are used on the server ?

thanks for the response, no i did not add any smnp profile, because it should fetch the snmp information from windows server without any configuration based on public profile.
as per the attached document is it mandatory to add community string of snmp v1/v2 setting in windows server ? and then will have to add in netsight profile based on the community string of snmp in windows server?

there are preconfigured profiles in netsight if we edit one of those i think it should work right since we will be using snmp v1/v2 so no authentication will be provided, the only thing that we will have is to match will be the community string that should be read only.. right ?