Netsight Inventory Manager Does not Archive Secondary.cfg files

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As the title suggests, I would like inventory manager to archive both configurations yet it appears the script for XOS TFTP only specifies primary.cfg files. It uploads everything (.xsf files, policies and the primary cfg) apart from the secondary.cfg file

I would like to be able to get netsight to do it as we have some switches using secondary in certain scenarios.

Any advice please?

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This is by default not supported. The script in question uses the following. You could copy the text and make a custom script using secondary commands and test that. It may take some time to troubleshoot that for it to function properly.

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Actually, the script saves only the CURRENTLY active configuration. To do so, it saves it as PRIMARY and transfers PRIMARY.CFG.

What is this SECONDARY configuration that you want to save? Does it change frequently enough to need to be saved every time?

Once you start backing up configurations in Control Center (previously known as NetSight), you can have baseline and/or alternate configurations that you can restore to the switch if needed...
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Hi Ian, since you have some switches using secondary.cfg I would recommend to use a common configuration filename in order to easily backup the configuration using Netsight.

You can just run save configuration primary on all devices (this can be done using Netsight macro capability) and then Netsight will take care of the backup for primary.cfg