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Netsight Licensing

  • 17 July 2014
  • 1 reply

Der all,

we encounter the issue with Customers with a lot of APs (>1000) and 2 Controllers to be managed.

Right now we have to offer for Management:
NMS-ADV-100 ~60K USD
IA-ES-3K ~ 20K USD

With Customers pointless discussions will start why we have to buy a 100 Device license to manage 2 Controllers.

In my (and the Customers) eyes it would be much more efficient when there AP-Adder Lics would exist quote like this:

1000 AP Adder Lic - ???? USD
IA-ES-3K ~ 20K USD

AFAIR such licenses existed in the past.


1 reply

Userlevel 6
There certainly used to be, NS-WM-CAPUP1000 etc. One thing I noticed while looking for old NetSight data sheets is the licensing model keeps changing, so maybe you'll be in luck with the next revision.