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Netsight Maps for Multi-Floor Buildings

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It does not appear to me that the Netsight Building Maps feature has any ability to account for multi-floor buildings in showing coverage heatmaps, etc. (as Ekahau does). IE, it does not appear that you can specify when creating a floor plan, that there is a floor above or below it, and display the RF coverage that will bleed through the floor.

1. Has anyone found a work-around to this? Such as, if you import a Ekahau site survey file with multiple floors mapped, does Netsight show the signal from the other floors?

2. Are there any plans to configure a map/building to contain multiple floors?


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Hello Ryan,

I'm currently checking with Engineering on this one, but I do not see that we take this into account.
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Hello Ryan,

1. When importing the Ekahau files it will import only the floor not the signal – signal is calculated by the NetSight.
2. NetSight calculates only for one floor.