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Good morning to everyone! We had sold for a mining plant with more or less 50 switches Enterasys (#40 A-Series, model A4H254-8F8T, #12 C-Series, model C5K175-24) a NetSight software.

I need to produce monthly a Report to show the health of the network, RSTP Stability (forwarding transitions, topology change), Ports Load, Communication Error y Connections Speed.

Some of you have already had the same request? how did you solve it?

Thanks a lot.

Enzo Di Stefano

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no one?
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if you have Netsight OneView you'd store historical data and generate a lot off different reports out of it.
You'd even do it automticaly and send it to your email account i.e. once a month.

I only use it for my wireless stuff so I don't know whether you'd generate the reports that you are looking for.

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Which version of Netsight did your customer purchase?