Netsight Root-User not accessible

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Hello support,

I’m trying to update a netsight where the Root user is not accessible (password not known!).

But the netsight itself is accessible over another user, but I’m getting following error:

“this Application must be run with root privileges to function properly”

Any hint how to proceed as well as recover the root user?

The netsight is version and running on ESX.

Kindest regards

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Your not going to be able to hack into your own box. The passwords are part of the underlying OS.
So you really need to deploy a new Netsight server on ESX and then restore the database, assuming you have backed one up.

However, it is prudent to try to emulate it by looking for a Netsight DB and then restoring it.

Find out where the Netsight DB is stored,

Then restore it from the files below