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NetSight Show Config ems recurring event over Swicth

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Lightening puden help me to be in my alarms are NetSight me I reportanto a remote event in which user access and password and poosterior this the show config command is executed ems

Check my Inventory Manager the scheduled events but is not scheduled automated backups for these folder on which are scheduled.

I appreciate your input and recommendations

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Hi Jairo, Can you confirm if you need to discuss about two different tasks? 1. When someone executes a "show config" in the switch you need an alarm from Netsight. 2.The inventory manager is not backing up the folders as expected. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong on the above two points. Is it possible to copy paste the error message which you get in the inventory manager? since it is not visible . The below article might help you, if you want to create Alarm "Custom Criteria" https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-to-configure-alarms-manager-to-send-email-on-Inventory-Manager-archive-save