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Netsight states that a device is down when its not

Hi there, hopefully someone can help me.

I have a 460-G2 that was connected to Netsight, I had to replace the Master switch as it was having POE issues, now another switch is master but its not being seen by Netsight, stating its down, even though it show an active link.

I tried removing the stack and adding it back... Its still states that its down but now it doesn't show an active link. I've also tried removing the SNMPV3 link and adding them back with no luck.



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Have you cleared the Alarm in Netsight "Alarms" log?
I've cleared all the alarms
Also SSH2 no longer works
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Could you even reach (=ping) the switch from EMC ?
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Hi Tristram, are you still having trouble with this?