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NetSight - Tree View - Data Display Format - Group Delimiter

In NetSight Console Option we can configure a character as an automatic group delimiter on the tree view.
So, in this way, when you access devices tree view --> Location... groups & sub-groups are made according with this "delimiter character"

However, on OneView... this character is not taken into account.

Anyone knows how we could get the same subdivision on "devices tree" showed at OneView?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Fernando, can you provide a screen capture similar to the below? This is working here. The location Column will keep the delimiter in there regardless, as in console.

Yes... because in your example character is the default one "/"
However.... we have modified on Console View to "-", and it works perfect within the console view (subgroups split). However, this "character" is not taken into account for OneView

NetSight Console Screenshot

OneView Screenshot

Any news about how we can do this?

Thanks a lot in advance for your replies.
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Fernando, What version of Netsight is this?
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Hi Fernando,
I'm going through some older threads here and wanted to ask if you still need assistance with this.