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NetSight v4.3 WAS Server Gateway cannot be set to Valid x.x.x.255 Host Address

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NetSight Wireless Manager; versions 4.2, 4.3
for Enterasys (formerly HiPath) Wireless Controller

Performing the initial post-installation setup ("Server Setup Step 2, Change Network Settings, Change Server Network Interface (eth0) settings").
Configuring the IP Address for the Wireless Advanced Services (WAS) server, specifying a Subnet Mask of less than 24 bits and a Gateway IP Address ending with .255; for example:
  • type "set network"
  • set the IP Address (example
  • set the Subnet Mask (16-bit example
  • set the Gateway IP Address (problematic example
The system editor issues error message "Error: Invalid value" in response to the given Gateway IP Address.

The editor incorrectly assumes that a terminating .255 always represents a subnet broadcast (not host) address, as it does when using a standard 24-bit subnet mask.

Upgrade NetSight Suite to version or higher.

Pre-upgrade workaround: Use a gateway IP address having a different last octet value.

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