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Netsight (ver 8) no longer starts

Help Help!!!!

My Netsight (ver 😎 no longer starts!!

both version java and WEB

little while ago my pc was looking for updates on the web that I have by passed

does it depend on that?

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Let's get you some software to help you with screenshots 🙂
Highly recommend Greenshot: http://getgreenshot.org/
Lightshot another good one: https://app.prntscr.com/es/index.html
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Visconti, when you mentioned updates occuring, could this be a Java update? I am also assuming this is a client PC conencting to a server. If so, try another computer and browser to see if it connects. This will help to rule out whether the computer is the issue.
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Hello Visconti,

on which platform (OS) runs you XMC? Hardware, VMWare?

Best regards
win 8 pro 64bit 24gb ram
No Vmware and not connection to web (for reasons of company security)
Yeterday Windows have required to make any UPdate but I refused just because We don'thave internet connection...

After 10 minutes Netsight stopped working..
Whether it depended on refused windows update?