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Network Connectivity

I have an x460 switch. The switch is supposed to be configured without policy to allow servers network connectivity. I plug in a server into a port and I get no network connectivity. The server will not ping the gateway not other network locations. NetSight and NAC show the interface as up. Where do I start looking to give this server network access?

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Hi Shaun,

Do you ahve access to the switch? If so, I would check to see what the PVID "show vlan ports "of the port is, make sure that all required networks are configured on the trunked uplink port "show config vlan". Also, you can run the command "show policy" to verify that it is not configured on the switch.

If there is anything else you would like help to see inside the switch, let us know 🙂
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Hi Shaun,

Is x460 performing routing or just L2?

You can add an IP to x460 vlan connected to the server and try to ping the switch directly.

Then if you have another switch (let's say switch "A" between x460 and the network gateway), you can try to ping that switch "A" vlan and so on. That will help to track where (which device) might be causing the communication issue.

This seems to be vlan configuration mismatch, please review the vlan/port configuration where the server is plugged in and any uplinks configured to reach the network gateway.