No alarm after receiving a trap

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I've added the right OID in the trapd file for Auth. failure on a HP switch. After receiving the trap there is no alarm ?

Version Netsight

What's going wrong ?

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Hi Johan, did you add both, the OID-ALIAS at the beginning of the trapd.conf file i.e. OID_ALIAS Cabletron . AND the event itself?
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Yes, I have.


and the event:

EVENT hh3cLogInAuthenFailure . "Status Alarm" Minor

FORMAT Access to switch by $1


"Authentication Failure"

Ok, I did the same with a third party device and it works. Get an alarm, and can clear this alarm by an other. So I cannot help more now.
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Johan, if your gettting the trap we can trigger off that in Alarms manager to create an alarm with a specific action. Although it is indirectly related, the following document may have some items of interest. In the step 4 picture, you may be able to use based off Trap data, without using the custom criteria.
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I created an a alarm with custum cirteria, type trap and a match on information tekst. This works.

It's a workaround but it's ok.