No Endsystem Informations in NetSight NAC Manager

We have two NAC Apliances installed and added the Switches (extreme X450 G2) to the NetSight NAC Manager. SNMPv3 ist working and the switch detail Informations are displayed in the overview of the NAC Manager in Chapter "switches". The Problem ist, that we don´t get any Informations of the "End-Systems". I think I hve forgotten to configure anything but I don´t know what.

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Have you configured the switch for MAC or 802.1x authentication?

Adding the switch to NAC will push RADIUS configurations, but not enable authentication.

Yes, you are right... I see my problem...
Thank you Ryan for your tip and the links.
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i recommend you EXOS V22.3 on X450-G2 - node-alias is a very nice feature in conjungtion with authentication. Also other bugs and issues are fixed in compare to previous Version.

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Add the article for 802.1x authentication on EXOS

How to configure 802.1x based Netlogin with Radius on EXOS