Not receiving the right trap when EAPS ring change

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When one link of my eaps links went down I noticed that the switch sends the trap: extremeEapsLastStatusChangeTime and there was no alarm in Netsight.

In Netsight the alarm is triggerd by extremeEapsLinkDownRingComplete.

Is this correct ?

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Johan, Yes, that trap it the right one. Lets make sure the switch is sending the traps first.

The "show management" command will show the snmp trap counters. You can see the counters at the bottom.

You can also use this command to send test traps.

create snmp trap severity critical event "Test" "Test Trap"
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If xtremeEapsLinkDownRingComplete is the right trap,why don't the switch send this trap ?
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Does the switch send any traps? The commands in my comment above will help you determine if it is sending traps at all.
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the switch send the trap extremeEapsLastStatusChangeTime when a link of my EAPS ring goes down.

In Netsight there is an alarm (EAPS Link down complete or EAPS Port status change) that expect the trap extremeEapsLinkDownRingComplete
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What version of code is your EAPS ring running? What kind of switches?
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Different swtiches (X450a-24t and X450a-24x) Firmware is

I use now the trap extremeEapsStateChange to trigger the alarm
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extremeEapsStateChange would be the best trap to use. Looking at the MIB I found that the "extremeEapsLinkDownRingComplete" trap will only be sent when If a EAPS Transit node is in a Link-Down state, and it receives a Health-Check-Pdu from the Master indicating the ring is complete. This should not happen in a correctly configured EAPS ring, and is why you didn't receive this trap.

Sorry for the confusion and hope this helps.

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Thanks Sephen
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Where did you select this traps? In Netsight 7.0 there are ony traps with word "eaps' in as shown in image.

And when I selected extremeEapsLastStatusChangeTime alarms goes wrong, it send message Ring down when it goes up. Or in 6.3 it was working and 7.0 aint?

Also cant find any place where i can define my own traps.

found solution