OID used in "Basic Policy" flexview for "Default Role"

Sorry if this is duplicate post. I need to construct a flexview in Netsight that displays PVID and policy "Default Role" per port. The "Basic Policy" flexview has the field but does not allow the properties view so I can't get it from there. I've been looking at the policy mibs but can't duplicate the view that is presented in the "Basic Policy" flexview. Need some direction here !
thnks in advance

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The OID set to the 'Default Role' depends on firmware MIB support

etsysPortPolicyProfileAdminID (policy1 mib)
etsysPolicyRuleResult2 (policy2 mib)

The mapping of the policy MIBs does not lend it self well to a FlexView. The basic policy view is actually not a simple FlexView and contains many SNMP requests.

This is the OID that maps to the policy Name

Note: these are in the same table as policy Name

If you use OneView - Device View and select a device .... FlexView in the text box type 'Policy' you will see some FlexViews we do ship related to Policy Support.
1) Policy Profile
2) Policy Profile Entries
3) Policy Rule Device Info
4) Policy Rule Table
Thanks, but I don't see how I can get what I need from this info. For the foreseeable future we statically assign vlans and default roles to the network participants. The "helpdesk" has needs to change the vlan on ports occasionally. If they had the "PVID" listed with the "Defaul Role" that would give them a single view to insure the default port role "Student" was being applied only to vlan "100 " participants. Can the "Basic Policy" flexview page be modified to include this. Just trying to save some jumping from one flexview to another. I'll open a case if no answers follow in this thread.

thnks in advance