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On EMC version 8 seeing error "Error making directory for Config file" when I tried collecting backups

I'm using version 8 of EMC and I tried collecting backups and encounter the following error,

Error making directory for Config file -- /root/configs/tmp/11_151_61_81.cfg

Any ideas.

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Hello Roland,

We'd need some additional information to give a good answer.

There are some knowledge base articles that deal with this error message,


But it's difficult to determine if it will help.

What version Extreme Management Center, and what kind of devices are you working with?

Hello Ryan,

The Extreme Management Center is version

The devices working with are former Avaya, now Extreme switches, models are,

- VSP 8404 running software version

- VSP 7024XLS running software version

- ERS 4826GTS running software version v5.9.2.047

Thanks, Roland
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Have you validated that you have set SCP and FTP credentials in XMC?
In XMC (Oneview) Administration>Options>Inventory Manager>File Transfer>FTP Transfer properties
and SCP Transfer Properties- Login Information
Make sure you input your login credentials for EMC
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If you have validated the SCP/FTP credentials then I would suggest upgrade to 8.1.2. There were some issues with Extreme Management Center being able to complete script processes for backups that have been fixed.

If the issue still exists in 8.1.2 I would suggest creating a case with GTAC.