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To my Customers, I install Extreme NAC solution. To deploy Authentication Globally and Ports on switches, i use differents scripts in One View. It works fine with EOS and EXOS but many customers have Cisco architecture.

I can configure Authentication on Cisco switches with SSH/telnet, it works fine too. I want to use a script to deploy Authentication configuration with One View ? is it possible ?

Tony R.

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Hello Tony,

The utility allows configuration of any device via the access/interfacing methods you mentioned. Working with a script for Cisco will be more complex than scripting Extreme switches as you'll need to define arguments/terms etc from the ground up - but it's do-able.


Have you had any luck with this
Hello, can you provide some more info how to prepare OneView scripting to work with other vendors (for example Cisco)?

Scritps on other vendors devices from NetSight Console work perfect but from OneView do not work at all.

In OneView Run Scrpt window I got: "Failed to connect to device communicator session".

In server.log file:
"Scripting prompts for vendor:HP not found, Loading basic prompt detection."

Thanks in advance.