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OneFabric - OneView Report Enhancements for Stadiums

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I were able to install OneFabric 2.06 on my Netsight 6.3 machine but some things are not clear to me....

Where could I download the "NMS_OFConnect_Venue_Report_1.5.0.jar" or was it removed as that venue/stadium reports are already included in Netsight 6.3.

How could I remove OneFabric from my Netsight server in case I'm not happy with the results.

I've installed the file "NMS_OFConnect_2.06_0.jar" - what are the zip files i.e. "NMS_OF-Connect_release_2.05_1.zip" on the extranet for - I haven't found a reference in the install guide.


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Hi Ronald,
I dont know if you have seen this article regarding partner resources for OFC, but there is a documentation tab that I think you might want to be looking for. It's displays the stadium guide there.

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Hey Mike,

I've found this "hidden" section (with some GTAC help this morning) and already downloaded the guide but where is the plugin "NMS_OFConnect_Venue_Report_1.5.0.jar" that I'd need to install ?
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You wouldn't need it, I believe NMS_OFConnect_2.06_0.jar contains everything from NMS_OFConnect_Venue_Report_1.5.0.jar.

Also you need a version greater than 2.03 for Netsight 6.3 anyways