OneView and unregistered end-systems report

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I'm trying to get OneView report showing me end-systems I were not aware of, that e.g. have Unregistered NAC Profile.
On OneView End-Systems section I can choose relevant profile from the Dashboard circle graph, and then I see only such end-systems, but selecting Tools and Generate PDF gives me .pdf with all end-systems, not only those I'm interested in. From End-Systems tab itself I cannot use filters but I can do search. Search + Generate PDF works well, but... search doesn't lookup policies/profiles/reasons, so searching for "Unregistered" doesn't give anything.
How can I automate obtaining such "unregistered end-systems report"?

I have NetSight 6.3 deployed.

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Use NAC manager - in the end-system tab click on filter and select "filter in:" "selected column" "profile" and use "untregistered" as the filter string.

Then select all devices with CTRL-A and right click and select table tools and export to export it to html or csv.

I don't know whether there is a way to automate that.