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OneView: Collection Limit of 2500 Wireless Clients has been reached.

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Hi, my customer received this trap in Netsight Console.
As per the following KB article I'd increase the value to 5k which is the maximum.
Setting could be found in ....
Netsight Console GUI > Tools > Options > Console > OneView Collector > Advanced Settings > Wireless Collection > Collection Client Limit

Does that mean that I can't have reporting of more then 5k clients ... that isn't a lot for a medium/large installation.

Or what kind of data isn't stored for clients date exceed the 5k limit.


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Hi Ron,
Note : In 6.3 we increased the maximum limit to 30K. This is not something recommended.
There are ways to reduce what is being saved. These statistics are of limited value and increasing the number will increase disk usage. The default will stay at 2500.

See Wireless Collector Options - for ways to filter by Topology or SSID
Inactive client (MU) targets are aged out over time.

Here are the statistics collected per MU up to the limit
OneView Administration --> Historical Statistic Collector - Statistics filter type by "MU"
1) MuDLLostRetriesBytes Gauge MU Client Dropped Bytes
Client Dropped Bytes. Source: assocDLLostRetriesBytes
2) MuDLLostRetriesPackets Gauge MU Client Dropped Packets
Client Dropped Packets. Source: assocDLLostRetriesPackets
3) MuErrorPercent Gauge MU Client % Error Packets
Client % Error Packets. Source: assocReceiveErrors + assocTransmitErrors + assocDLLostRetriesPackets
4) MuReceivedRSS Gauge MU Client Received Signal Strength (dBm)
Client Received Signal Strength measured in dBm. Source: assocReceivedRSS
5) MuTotalBwKbps Counter MU Client Total Bandwidth (kbps)
Client Total Bandwidth (kbps). Source: muRxOctets + muTxOctets
6) MuValidPercent Gauge MU Client % Valid Packets
Client % Valid Packets. Source: assocReceivedFrameCount + assocTransmittedFrameCount
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Thanks a lot for the fast and detailed explanation.