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oneview host name empty

  • 14 September 2015
  • 4 replies

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Hi all

Does anyone know where oneview populates the host name attribute from. We have it in Netsight, but this is not present in oneview.

4 replies

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Tell us a little more. Are you using NAC with the setup?
Is the host a User authenticating or a switch, or some other non-authenticating device?
In oneview versus netsight, what screens exactly are you looking at in both?

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We are not using NAC. The host name i am refering to is in the alarms tab. The device tab has the device name populated, but alarms tab only has IP. We want to use the host name column for device name, but it's either empty or just has the IP address. Netsight has device name populated.
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The value that is used in OneView device tab is the "Nickname".
The value in the OneView alarm view is the source.

If you open Netsight Console and look in the Alarms section you'd see that the alarm uses the soure as the name (=IP).
So I'm not sure whether there is a way to change that so that OneView alarm view uses the Nickname instead of the source name.

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I agree, hence why we want to use the host name column in the alarms tab. I thought that was populated by oneview using dns lookup.