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OneView maps scale

  • 20 May 2014
  • 4 replies

I was reading the oneview guide and trying to import maps to one view for wireless converage.

So according to the guide when I try to set the scal it should have a field for "Units".

When I got to do it Units isnt there.

Anyone else having this issue?

4 replies

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I.m running Netsight 6.0 and have the unit option in the "set map scale" window.
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@Aaron, Do you have a NetSight Advanced license?
I do have Netsight ADV license.
So I do have the box. I figured out if I click in line length and press tab it shows up.

I also figure out thie only happens on my linux machine with trying both chrome and firefox.

On my 2 windows machines it shows up fine.