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OneView Maps with HP Switches


we have a customer with many Extreme Switches, but he also has many HP Switches left. We can manage them with the inventory manager as well and they are able to see their neighbors with all details when we look at the cli: show lldp info remote-devices

The problem/question:
Onn the One View map, we can't see the links between the HP Switches, only if a extreme Switch is related. Has anybody an advice how we can see the links between two HP Switches? Is this generaly possible?

Thanks in advance


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Are there any discovery protocols running on the HP switches and are the corresponding protocols selected in Oneview? I know HP quit using Cisco Discovery Protocol for a while.
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Is LLDP selected in OneView? In topology manager LLDP is not discovered by default.
How do I select LLDP in OneView? I can't find it 😞
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I can't either. One of the many reasons I still use topology manager in console.
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I don't think there is a way to configure which discovery protocol that OneView uses like you could with Topology Manager in Console.
Do the links appear in the Network Details > Link Summary section (to the right of the map)?
Have you tried to rediscover/refresh the HP devices and see if that helps?
If the issue is still occurring you may want to open a new case with GTAC to troubleshoot further.