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OneView Report - Profile vs. Location Bandwidth

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Hi Guys

We're analyzing Purview application reports in OneView and have a question or two on the numbers seen.

1. Is there any relation between Top Location and Top Profile bandwidth consumption in OneView? The Purview location is based on IP subnet and NAC profile assigned by SSID.
2. If any relation. We're expecting these number to be the same or at least very similar. Would this be an accurate assumption?
3. Why is some traffic matched in the Location and not the Profile? We're expecting to see all flows match location and profile following authentication.

Please refer to below screenshot as illustration.

You're inputs will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Francois Scheün

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Hi Francois,

is that a custom report or how could I get to this view.
There are sooo many options ... I'm sure I've only seen 50% of the available views...

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I am not sure if this will explain some of your results.