Output Guest Registration Details to Syslog

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Have a request that a customer would like to save the details of a users name, email, company etc when that person registers for Guest Registration on the Guest captive portal page.

My thinking was that I just needed to setup an new notification in NAC that directed the details to a syslog server.

The keywords I would like to use would be as follows:


The problem with this though is that I can't seem to use those keywords in the Syslog Messages, see screenshot below.

I therefore wondered if anyone knows how to get around this, or another method to extrapolate that data easily.

Many thanks in advance

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Finally worked out what I was doing wrong, under notification configuration there is a box for 'Type', I had this set for 'Registration' when it needed to be 'End-System'!

See image below with is correctly set to End-System:

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Thanks for the follow-up, Martin!