Per User/Group Override - NAC Maximum Number of MAC addresses per User

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Is there a way to change the maximum number of registered devices for an individual user or group within NAC? I saw something that looked like this, but it was on a Sponsor Approval Page. This deployment is non-Sponsorship.

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Maybe this article will help.
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That is the global change, I'm looking to be able to change so specific users or groups can have a different number of devices than default users.
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Hello Bill,

Currently the only place that we have to override the default maximum number of devices for the authenticated portal types if the following:

In NAC Manager click tools --> Registration Administration --> Users --> Click on the specific user you want to override

At the bottom there is a maximum devices field, you can modify this field per user to increase their device count.

There is not current way to do it by group.

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Thanks Ryan!!