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PIM SM configuration and optimal RPs placement

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Hello, everybody,

could you please give me some advices for optimal PIM SM configuration. There is a topology map below.


From Source Server (SCCM) in VLAN Z OS images should be deployed to PCs in VLANs A,B,C,D,E. The customer wants to use PIM in Sparse Mode.

What are the most appropriate switches for RP and CBSR placement? What a configuration should I apply to X670? Now I have:

enable igmp
enable igmp snooping

enable ipmcforwarding VLAN-A
enable ipmcforwarding VLAN-B
enable ipmcforwarding VLAN-C
enable ipmcforwarding VLAN-D
enable ipmcforwarding VLAN-E
enable ipmcforwarding VLAN-Z

configure pim add vlan VLAN-A
configure pim add vlan VLAN-B
configure pim add vlan VLAN-C
configure pim add vlan VLAN-D
configure pim add vlan VLAN-E
configure pim add vlan VLAN-Z

configure pim crp VLAN-A rp_list
configure pim crp VLAN-B rp_list
configure pim crp VLAN-C rp_list
configure pim crp VLAN-D rp_list
configure pim crp VLAN-E rp_list
configure pim crp VLAN-Z rp_list

configure pim cbsr VLAN-A
configure pim cbsr VLAN-B
configure pim cbsr VLAN-C
configure pim cbsr VLAN-D
configure pim cbsr VLAN-E
configure pim cbsr VLAN-Z

enable pim

igmp snooping is enables on all switches on the topology. Here are my rp_list.pol file:

entry rp_list { if match any { } then { nlri; } }[/code]
The problem is inter-VLAN multicast doesn't work. Where should I start?

At the moment C3560 and X670 sees each other as neighbors:

x670# sh pim vlan "Default"
PIM SPARSE Interface[1] on VLAN Default is enabled and up
IP adr: mask: DR of the net:
DR Priority : 1
Passive : No
Hello Interval : 30 sec
Neighbor Time out : 105 sec
Join/Prune Interval : 60 sec
Join/Prune holdtime : 210 sec
Trusted Gateway : none
CRP group List : rpset with priority 192
Shutdown priority : 1024
Source Specific Multicast : Disabled
State Refresh : Off
State Refresh Capable : No
Border : No
Generation State DR
Neighbor IP address Id Expires Refresh Priority 0x6c479da 91 No 1

Packet Statistics (In/Out)
Hellos 797 77562 Bootstraps 0 394
Join/Prunes 0 0 Asserts 0 0
Grafts 0 0 GraftAcks 0 0
State Refresh 0 0


But I can't see Huawei CX110 as neighbor from X670 for a while...

Many thanks in advance,

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Our computer techs image across vlans, we use pim sparse too

Here's the pim config from our core, we create a loopback (and we make sure we... enable loopback-mode vlan hxloop)
We configure the cbsr for that loopback

configure pim add vlan "hxloop" sparse
configure pim crp vlan "HXloop" "RP-list" 30
configure pim add vlan "IDF1" sparse
configure pim add vlan "IDF2" sparse
configure pim add vlan "MDF" sparse
enable pim
configure pim cbsr vlan "HXloop"

Our RP-list looks this way:

entry rp-list {
if match any{
then {

# sh pim
PIM Enabled, Version 2
PIM CRP Enabled on 1 interfaces
BSR state : ELECTED ; BSR Hash Mask :