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Planned Downtime in Netsight

  • 30 April 2014
  • 3 replies

is there a way to stop the processing of alarms and traps for specified devices e.g. for a planned down time, like in nagios ??

3 replies

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You can disable the alarm and enable it when you finish the upgrade.

You are right, but disabling the alarm would mean i get no alarms at all.
For example the "Device Down" alarm:
If i disable the alarm for the time of maintenance, i get no alarms at all from no device except,
if i create a seperate alarm group for every single device.
Than your suggestion would work, so tha i disable the alarms processing only for a selected device.
But this is only for one alarm on one device, so this scales alittle bit bad.

Any mor esuggestions ??
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You can create device group called "not in maintenance" and aim those alarms only to this group.
If some device is under maintenance, remove it from this group. If the device is back operational you need to add it to the group again.
Device can be in more groups.