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Policy Manager v3.0.1.16 Port Configuration Wizard navigates directly to Device Selection

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Article ID: 10006

NetSight Policy Manager; version (3.0), (3.0.1)

Ran the Port Configuration WIzard.
Selected the Single User Authentication and 802.1X Authentication radio buttons.
Selected a single item in the Port Authentication Configuration window.

Cannot configure the parameters for the selected Port Authentication item after selecting a single item in the Port Authentication Configuration window.

There is a bug in the Single User Authentication code path.

If you run Policy Manager's Port Configuration Wizard and select the Single User Authentication, RADIUS Authentication, and 802.1X Authentication radio buttons; the next window, Port Authentication Configuration, allows you to select one or more items. If you select a single item, regardless of which one, it takes you directly to the Port Select window without allowing you to set the parameters for that item. If you select more than one item, the proper screens are displayed.

Upgrade to Policy Manager (within NetSight Suite) version or higher.

Pre-upgrade workaround:
Select more than one item in the Port Authentication Configuration screen. The proper screens are displayed to configure the items and finally choose the ports to which the configuration should be applied.

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