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Policy Manager vs Wireless Controller V2110

  • 24 July 2019
  • 1 reply

Hello guys,

I've some doubts about Policy Manager + Wireless Controller

1. When I'm creating a rule manually on Wireless Controller there are two options of Direction: In Filter and Out Filter. How done this configuration using PM?

2. It was created a rule to permit access to IP/32 and another rule to deny Range/16. When I enforce by PM, the order of rules is: First order: Deny Range/16 and Second Order: Permit IP/32.
How could I create an order in the rules using PMthat is performed first IP/32 and then Range/16?

Best regards,

Edson Moura

1 reply

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For 1, I don't think you can. The user guide has:
The Use WLAN Service setting is recommended. If you are using Policy Manager, configure each WLAN Service’s Egress filtering option directly from Policy Manager. Enabling Egress Filtering on a WLAN Service port in Policy Manager is equivalent to setting Apply “In” rules to “Out” direction traffic in the WLAN Service’s Advanced dialog.

There is a history to this change, but it's back in like the 8.31 or 9.01 days and the release notes are no longer online.