Policy Manager will not put frozen ports into Inactive/Default role

When adding some of the C5 switches into Policy Manager (PM) we get this error:
ERROR : SNMP Error: 129 (129). The attribute(s) contained in the failed SNMP packet were: etsysPwaSystemEnhancedModeRefreshTime.0 (No Such Instance currently exists at this OID)

The switch is added into PM, then added into the NAC. The ports are then retrieved in PM and uplinks/interswitch ports are frozen. Then on the Authentication tab, the multi-user is set and authentication status is set to enable, adjust the auth type precedences and then apply. That is when the preceding error appears in Netsight and the ports do not get set to inactive/default roles. It seems very inconsistent and the firmware version does not seem to matter.

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Make your changes to the ports then freeze them. Do not freeze them before making any config changes. Why are you enabling authentication on the uplinks?
Sorry I did not describe that part enough. We are not enabling authentication on the uplinks. We are preparing the switches for NAC/Policy so all roles and rules are turned off. This is just when the switch is selected and going to the authentication tab for global setup. A pop up appears to place all frozen ports in an inactive/default role. Port configuration is the next step in the instructions we were given. Its worked fine for most of our switches.
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GTAC has created a NetSight policy case to come to a resolution.
I have seen this issue 10,000 times. Glad to see GTAC is working on it.
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Once GTAC has a resolution path, we will share it on this thread.