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Policy service collection for Netsight Policy Manager

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It would be great to provide a collection of service/classification rules for widely-used services. For example for service/software created by Mircosoft, VMware, for VoIP phones from different vendors etc.

Maybe some people are willing to share there self created services (pmd files) and make it accessible for use by other community members.

I think the Extreme engineers have a collection in there labs, too. A collection of services definitions could save many people a lot of time.

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We have a space created for such a thing at https://github.com/extremenetworks. But it's under construction right now, and empty. We are working on collecting all the policy files for Netsight we created, and will be publishing them as soon as we can with descriptions.


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That are great news. Is the git repository open for commits from the community?

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Yep. When we get everything up the community can even submit their own policies for us to post.

You can open a question or request for policies with the below link. Just make sure to label it correctly.