Powershell access to NAC controller

  • 22 September 2016
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he have the challenge to assign new MAC adresses to groups in NACs for port based authentication. This will be part of a deployment solution which will be scripted in powershell. I have the documentation of the NAC request tool, but a web interface (REST API) would be prefferrd. I also have the documentation "OneFabric Connect API Reference Guide" but this doesn't state how the sytanx looks like or doesn't give script examples (ideally in powershell).

Could anyone give me a hint to get rolling?


3 replies

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I used PowerShell to connect to NetSight using the method described in the "OneFabric Connect API Reference Guide" but we unfortunately don't have the license to use the API. But maybe this can help you: https://gist.github.com/joxz/66694b99478314cddc90e59e0e14eac3
That looks very promising 🙂 I'll give it a try.

Thank you!!

I have tried it but no success. I can get a connection, but with every request I get

Exception calling "getAllEndSystemMacs" with "0" argument(s): "The request failed with HTTP status 505: HTTP Version Not Supported."

Pasting the request into a browser on the same machine, I get the expected results. From what I understand I need to modify the HTML header and/or use authentication cookies, but as I have no experience with SOAP or REST, I'm completely lost.

Anyone any idea? Input highly appreciated!!