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Problem with APs not showing up in OneView

  • 20 August 2015
  • 3 replies

I have two active APs in my configuration and everything is working fine from a wireless perspective. I'm running Netsight 6.3 and on my controllers. The APs are local and approved on my primary controller and foreign on the other.

The problem is that in Oneview the APs show up in some spots but not in others. If I look at specific controller details in Oneview it shows the active APs. The high-level dashboard shows 2 active APs but under the wireless Overview they are not listed nor are they listed if I click and "Access Points" under wireless in Oneview they are not listed.

They do not show up when I try to add APs to a map.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


3 replies

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Thanks for the reply but I believe I found the problem.

Oneview was reporting that I did not have proper CLI credentials on the controllers

In my CLI profile credentials in Netsight I only had a password for Login. I did not have enable password or configure password set.

As soon as I entered these (which where the same as my login password) I was able to see the APs correctly and they were available for adding to map.

This is a little confusing because there is no enable or configure password at the CLI of the controller that I know of.

Anyway, that seemed to fix it.

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Hi Jim,

Do you you see other APs in OneView working as expected on these controllers?

If Yes:
Note: newly added the APs to a controller with no refresh requested will not begin collection until a Wireless refresh is done without user a request.
so it is possible to take 60 minutes (default) and historical collection takes 15 minutes to save the first data point by default.

If No:
Please verify you have Wireless Historical Collection enabled on the controller.