Problem with Microsoft Edge Chromium 83 and NETSIGHT

  • 17 July 2020
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we have the problem that the Netsight web console with the new Microsoft Edge with Chromium does not display some objects. For example the list under "Access Control" - "Configuration" does not appear. A Java error occurred. We have no problems with Google Chrome. Do you need Java and if so, which version of Open JDK / JRE? I think it would be completely HTML5.


Many thanks for the help!

3 replies

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Per releases notes here are the supported browsers: 



You shouldn’t need Java for the WebUI. 

I don’t believe we support the newest Edge with Chromium browser. 





Hi Ryan,

thanks for your answer. I use the WebUI and have the version AdoptOpenJDK with hotspot as Java Runtime. I see Edge Chromium as the standard browser for the future, especially in the corporate environment. Except for Netsight, I haven't seen any difference compared to Chrome. Will there be Netsight as HTML5 without Java infuture?



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Hi Michael, we are working on switching to all HTML5 before Java goes out of use this December. I do not have an exact ETA for that at the moment however.