Protocols required to build topologies in OneView

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Hello, everybody!

I have two questions related to Netsight:

1) Could you please tell me: are LLDP and EDP the only protocols, which can be used to build links between switches in topology maps in OneView? What's about CDP?

I have a lot of old CISCOs like 2950 which don't support LLDP... I can add them on the map, but there are no links between them. It's so sad...(((

2) May I, theoretically, execute commands on cisco switches? If this is possible, are there any ways to make a script, which can be used to upgrade firmwares on CISCOs? Please, share your ideas.

Many thanks in advance,


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Hi Ilya,

1) You can also use CDP (Cabletron Discovery Protocol), but not Cisco proprietary. In Console you used to be able to create using STP, OSPF and link aggregation. I'm not sure if this is supported yet with OneView maps.

2) There are some predefined scripts in OneView, but they are for specific actions. You can still create custom scripts in Console by right clicking on the device and select Execute Command Script. A new window will appear where you can enter commands to execute and then apply to a device or multiple devices.

Hope this helps
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You can create your own scripts for oneview. Works well with Catalyst switches. You can create your own scripts for Inventory manager = it is used for config backup/restore and can be used for firmware upgrade. With my cisco the backup and restore of catalyst config works well = from both IM and OneView. I did not tested the build-in scripts for firmware upgrade of catalyst, but there is no reason why it ahould not work.