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Purview Dual Interface Mirrored not showing application and network response time

In trying to set up Purview, I am getting the flows in netsight. It is not showing response times for network or applications. It could be a configuration issue as this is my first time really diving into Purview.

I have it configured in Dual Interface Mirrored. I am seeing traffic on eth0 and eth1.

Below is my configuration:

# mirror
set mirror create 1
set mirror 1 mirrorN 15
set mirror ports ge.1.1 1

# netflow
set netflow export-interval 1
set netflow export-destination 2055
set netflow export-version 9
set netflow port ge.1.36 enable rx
set netflow template refresh-rate 30 timeout 1
set netflow cache enable

Jumbo frames, port duplex, and port speed have all been set.

I have one port going from one of my cisco switches in the network to an SSA. I have the span set for both at the moment on the one port. I have also tried 2 ports between with rx on one and tx on the other. Still have the same result.

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I failed to mention that this is a virtual appliance on vmware. Promiscuous mode and jumbo frames are enabled on here also.