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Purview Reports for NMS 6.3

  • 20 August 2015
  • 4 replies

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Hi All

With the "Custom Reports" we have options to name the X and Y axis on a report.
When I generate a Application (Purview) report in a "Graph over time" view, it does not give me the option to name the X and Y axis.
Can this be done currently with NMS 6.3?

Then we have scheduled alot of reports to be emailed on a daily basis. This is great but the question I have is can the excel CSV file be emailed as well?
I know you can save the reports in CSV format but I would like to email the report in this format as well.


4 replies

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Hello Andre,
I am not certain I understand the first question. When I draw out a report in 6.3, it shows time as as X axis and GB for data in Graph over time view. Are you looking to add something extra?
In 6.3, there is an option to support saving to .csv

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Hi Mike
As with the custom reports I would like to add names to the X and Y axis.

Then for the .csv file I would like to be able to email the .csv file.
I do not see a option to automatically email the .csv file.
It create a very nice PDF with graphs that I revieve on a weekly basis, based on my schedule, but I would like to recieve the .csv file.
I have to manually generate the report in the "Application browser" and then save to .csv.

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Andre, we can open up some formal cases and ask for a feature request for these items if you request so.
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Hi Mike

That would be great if we can request this as a feature.