Purview Sensor Down

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I set up a test environment with a virtual PurView (v6.3.0.162) appliance and a v2110 in ESXi. I see flow information from Wireless in OneView but no application recognition. In PurView configuration overview the messages "Sensor is down!" and "Connectivity Issues: sensor is down":

What could be the reason?
Where to start troubleshooting?

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In this post we've discussed some troubleshooting steps / links to so articels.


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The appliance sensor log pointed me to the right way:
10-08-2015 15:13:42 [LVL: 9] [appid (1548)] AppID terminating: Unable restore interface eth2 promiscuous mode. [errno:19, No such device] [void dragon::PacketMmapBase::destruct():236][/code]Although the appliance had two NICs ifconfig showed me, that just eth0 was recognized. Now I have added additional NICs and it works.