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Read Only access C5210 Wireless Controller

  • 4 September 2015
  • 4 replies

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We are in the process of doing acceptance testing for installed wireless access points. We purchased the solution but will have a third party manage that solution. At this time I am unable to validate appropriate signal strength from the client back to the controllers. Is there a way to get read only access at the controller level to see near real time signal strength of a client? I am being told "Unfortunately, we cannot support this request because there is not an appropriate level of read-only-reporting available". What other methods are there to determine what the signal strength the controller is seeing the client with?

4 replies

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The controller has the ability to set read-only accounts. With this accounts your are able to access the reports to view client details.

You an find the settings under the main menu "Controller"
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As Christop mentioned there is an option to create read-only accounts.

The "problem" is that you'd get in every menu which include information about the 3rd parties internal network infrastructure (i.e. IPs, RADIUS, DHCP, ...).

This could be the reason they don't allow access to the system.

Or if they run different customers on the same cloud controller they also don't give you read access as you'd also check out the statistic data from APs that are not in your location.

So in my opionion they mean they could not restrict the access to only some windows in the GUI AND also only to a certain group of APs so they don't allow access to the system.

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Let me check to see if there is something that can be done through NetSight...

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We purchased all the equipment and it is located in my data center. We manage the other infrastructure components involved. They are using a remote monitoring appliance to manage and escalate the alerts accordingly.

I have access to NetSight but the issue I have is it can take 20 minutes for the client details to update. If you can let me know if there is a different method to get client stats faster.