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Receiving Netflow but Top Applications & Users Blank?

  • 19 June 2019
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I probably just missing something obvious, but I currently have Netflow data from dual wireless controllers sending data direct to XMC, as there is no Analytics server.

I can see the flow data is coming in, as per below:

The problem I have is the Top users & Applications reports keep coming up blank?

I thought rightly or wrongly you don't need analytics to show this information, that correct, or maybe something that was capable a long time ago?

Maybe there is something additionally I need to configure?

I played around with adding the NetSight server itself as an Anaytics engine, that wouldn't work but the reports would then give me a drop down for two of the same thing. Neither showed the reports though. Now removed it, and although I don't get the option to select the server my assumption is that it just defaults to 'NetSight Server'?

XMC is running version
Wireless is running

Many thanks in advance

1 reply

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Top applications are seen and identified by the analytics engine. So you would need that. I believe that then ties to NAC/Control for the users.