Reference firmware not "checked" after updating X690s to latest reference firmware in EMC

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Hello. In Extreme Management Center (EMC formerly Netsight) version, in the devices section we have 18 various pieces of network gear from Cisco to Extreme listed. In the firmware section I have specified the latest Summit and onie as the "reference" firmware. This past weekend I upgraded two X690 stacks which run our core network. The upgrade went smoothly using EMC but what is interesting is I don't have a checkmark in the reference column despite the firmware now listed as I have some Cisco switches with Cisco IOS firmware set as reference image and the Cisco devices on that firmware version that I have set as reference all have a check mark in the column.

Its not a huge deal, but it is nice to have this column working because at a glance you can see if your gear is up to the latest code level you declared as reference for your environment. Is it a bug, or am I misunderstanding what this column is used for?

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This looks like a bug to me. I'd recommend upgrading to and if the problem still exists please create a GTAC case for investigation.

I think it's because they're in a stack, so they get a different SNMP OID (EXOS Stack as you can see), they're not identified as an X690. I guess because you can have several switch models in a single stack? Regardless, it is a bit of a bug, I see the same with my X440-G2 stacks, while the individual switches work fine.