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Resolve Extreme Analytics Duplicate Flows

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Looking how best to resolve duplicate flows, either showing up as an alarm or via the method in this GTAC post:


In my particular scenario I have a pair of X670's cores MLAG'ed together that have ports mirrored to a flow collector for all ports to edge stacks, servers, firewalls etc. The mirroring is not enabled for example on the core interconnects so as to reduce duplicate flows.

The flow collecter has a configuration in part, like the below:

set port lacp port tg.1.1 enable
set port lacp port tg.1.2 enable
set lacp aadminkey lag.0.1 10
set port lacp port tg.1.1 aadminkey 10
set port lacp port tg.1.2 aadminkey 10
set lacp singleportlag enable
set spantree portadmin tg.1.1 disable
set spantree portadmin tg.1.2 disable
set spantree portadmin tg.1.3 disable
set spantree portadmin tg.1.4 disable
set port jumbo enable *.*.*
set netflow export-interval 1
set netflow export-destination 2055
set netflow export-version 9
set netflow port tg.1.3-4 enable rx
set netflow template refresh-rate 30 timeout 1
set netflow cache enable
set vlan name 1255 Core-MGMT
set port vlan lag.0.1 1255 modify-egress
set vlan egress 1255 lag.0.1 untagged
conf t
interface vlan.0.1255
ip address primary
no shutdown
ip route 1
interface loop.0.1
ip address primary
ip forwarding
no shutdown
interface tun.0.1
tunnel destination
tunnel mode gre l2 tbp.0.10
tunnel source
tunnel mirror enable
no shutdown
set mirror create 1
set mirror 1 mirrorN 15
set mirror ports tbp.0.10 1
set ip interface vlan.0.1255 default
set policy profile 1 name Application pvid-status enable pvid 0 mirror-destination 1
set policy rule admin-profile port tg.1.3 mask 16 port-string tg.1.3 admin-pid 1
set policy rule admin-profile port tg.1.4 mask 16 port-string tg.1.4 admin-pid 1
set policy rule 1 ipproto 47 mask 8 drop prohibit-mirror[/code]
So netflow is only configured for rx. Policy is used to mirror the N+15 and drop and GRE traffic so as not to mirror the mirror for GRE traffic going across the network.

When you issue the search term for flowsource=multiple you get something like the following:

Those IP address shown are both the MLAG'ed cores.

So my question is, is there anything I can do about stopping the duplicates in this example?

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Martin,

I am not sure how we can get around this. I assume we are doing both 670s because some traffic will remain local to one and some traffic will traverse both?

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for answering.

My reasoning is that the 670s are MLAG'ed together, so traffic could essentially land on either one of them should a server or a stack be LAG'ed to them - so I need to include both.

My theory is that should traffic landing on either one of the core ports should only be captured once because its doing it on receive traffic only, and the interlink between the core isn't included. Take an example of traffic being passed from one core to the other, say because that other core only has the firewall connected, there would still be no duplication because the interlink between the two isn't mirrored and only traffic is being collected on receive.

Think I'm struggling to workout where and how duplication is taking place from the information provided in oneview.... maybe there is a better way of doing it?

Many thanks.
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Hi Martin,

No worries and I see what you are saying. Lets think on this a bit more.
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Curious, are you looking at unidirectional or bidirectional flows in the flow grid?
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Ah, I had it set to bidirectional... should have been unidirectional right?

Just tried it on unidirectional and now get entries showing as "Multiple (1) Null" and the remaining entries just showing a number - as per below:

Does that therefor mean there are no duplicates, and an error on my behalf?

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Hi Martin,

It appears to me in your configuration: correct no duplicates. Just combining them into one flow record but from two switches creates the multiple.

FYI I grabbed your ticket from the que, just haven't had a chance to review it yet.

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Any update on the issue ?